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Here at The Bradburn Group, providing the best level of project management services for clients has always been paramount. That’s why we integrated our client portal into our process: a central online area to bring everyone involved in a project together by providing key features such as schedules, to-do lists, messaging, photos, and more.

The portal has truly become integral to our operations as it helps deliver on our core values of communication, transparency, and reliability. We’re committed to keeping the lines of communication open and use the portal to maintain a consistent connection between our on-site teams and sub-contractors (or service partners), as well as everyone in the office and all of our clients.

According to Jay Bradburn, co-founder of The Bradburn Group, the portal, “Allows us to work on a per project basis, managing the projects to the level of professionalism that our clients are expecting and deserve.”

Who is the Portal Ideal For?

Everyone involved in the project has access to the portal, which allows the entire team to keep everything organized by project and stay on track with progress. Because many customers don’t live on site for the duration of their project (for example, they may be at their cottage or living with relatives, etc.), this allows them the flexibility to still take care of everything that happens in their daily lives and keep an eye on their project from afar.

Jay notes, “We’ve had clients go away for a few weeks to Europe and they were able to be involved every step of the way. They even get updates from our team that their doors are locked, water is off, lights are on/off, and even their fish tank is still working in the basement. Homeowners like to know that everything is working while they’re not there and we make sure to keep them updated on everything.”

Customers like Jeff appreciate this extra comfort, adding “We understood what was happening every single day.” The fact that The Bradburn Group’s service partners are so connected to the schedule and asked to commit to the dates helps to keep everyone accountable and customers like Jeff in the loop about what’s happening every step of the way.

How the Portal Works and Key Features

Whether you’re using the portal online or through the mobile app, gaining access is as easy as setting up a login and password through a verified email link. Everything then loads on your device and you simply log in with your username – husbands, wives, and even kids can all have access.

Client Portal 1

Once you’re logged in, the dashboard shows you a quick summary of the day’s schedule, to-do lists, daily updates, documents, photos, and even weather conditions. The schedule feature specifically lets you track the long-term progress of the project and mandatory daily updates keep you involved in the details of your home renovation, right down to who locked your doors last.

Customers like Daniel appreciate having so many updates, saying “The app was very accommodating. It was great to get constant updates to everything located in one little app.”

Bradburn Client Portal 2

The key features are the schedule, so that clients know that things are happening on time, and the daily updates, where they can see what the team is physically doing on-site and how progress is being made. Says Jay, “For many clients who may start to worry, ‘I haven’t heard from anybody, is everything on time?’ We provide those answers before they have a chance to ask it. Our team members make sure there is a full update every single day – it’s mandatory. That stops the concerns and a potential for panic for clients.”

For clients like Maryanne this was especially beneficial for her project, adding, “We could communicate every day. We knew what was going on, what to expect.”

Bradburn Client Portal 3

Another key function is the portal’s messaging. It works like an average email account but prevents your personal account from being overwhelmed by dozens (if not hundreds) of messages. It allows internal users to connect directly with one another and even has a tag function that allows you to easily file messages for later searches. “This helps save time especially since there can be hundreds of emails on a 6-month project, for example,” notes Jay.

Why The Bradburn Group Portal is Unique

According to Jay, the developers of the app are constantly looking for new and improved ways to make it better and that benefits everyone involved.

When Jay introduced the portal to his team, he told them, “Once we put it out there, there’s a serious amount of accountability to make sure we’re doing the things we need to do.” Introducing this app helped The Bradburn Group team rise to the highest level of professionalism by giving clients full access to the work site, no matter where they are, as well as taking the company’s operations to the next level. “I don’t know how we operated the business without this management software and client portal.”

Client Portal Testimonials

Many customers have had great feedback about working with The Bradburn Group and the client portal. “I think their professionalism was what really stood out to us,” says customer, Alyssa. Here are some other excerpts from client testimonials that show how the client portal improved their experience.

The Bradburn Group has been using this technology to build a more efficient team that communicates better and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Experience the difference of our client portal today. Contact us about your project, we’d be happy to chat with you and get the process started to make your job easier.