Great Custom Cabinetry Ideas

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Renovations

White Mud Room

Custom cabinetry can transform your home and in doing so make your life more convenient and beautiful. You can add custom cabinetry to essentially any room in your home to make it more functional. Beyond function, a great custom cabinet should enhance the style of the room and make it feel more complete and fuller—without overcrowding. Here are a few great custom cabinetry ideas you can use to achieve the room and home you want.

Mudroom Lockers

Here in Ontario, we have a lot of winter gear we need to store in our homes. A mudroom is useful, but it can be even better with the right cabinetry. We suggest you consider mudroom lockers, and not those cheap metal ones, but real wood with elegant flourishes and convenient storage compartments.

The quality of wood for mudroom locker is important, as they’ll see the water from outside and some rough handling from the kids.

Perfect Kitchen Pantries

Almost everyone has items they can’t fit in their kitchen cabinets, as there simply isn’t enough room. We can build your pantry around whatever kitchen appliances, canned goods, and cleaning supplies you want to store there. In fact, you can even add climate control elements so you can store wine, homemade cheese, homemade fermented goods and anything else you might need easy access to in the kitchen.

Also, be sure that the cabinet maker you’re working with check the moisture of your pantry wood and choose a high-quality wood (not to worry, we can take care of all of this for you). Pantries tend to be exposed to heat and moisture from the kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cabinets dominate your kitchen visually. So, it’s important to have the exact style, color and materials you want. Custom cabinets give you much more freedom than refinishing your current cabinets. One trend we love, that is quite practical, is including a few glass cupboards among wood cupboards. This allows you to show off some of your decorative kitchen items, and add dimension to the space, without creating the clutter that all-glass cabinets tend to create.

When you’re considering kitchen cupboards, the fit should be a big concern. We work precisely to make sure that your cupboards fit exactly.

Walk-In Closet

Walk in Closet

Sometimes it can feel like walk-in closets are empty boxes that don’t really fit the items you own. When you get a custom-built walk-in closet from Bradburn, we make sure it has an organizational system that matches your items and can really make keeping your clothing organized easy.

Plus, adding personalized flourishes to your walk-in closet can make it an even better space. Need a bench to sit on so you can change more easily? How about a jewelry section customized for the items you own? Or, fit more in your closet with shelving that matches the specific length of your shirts or pants. Don’t forget that a his and hers division can make the space easier to share.

Trust Bradburn for Your Kitchen Cabinets

For truly custom cabinets that make your home more practical and beautiful, reach out to Bradburn Group today.

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