How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Bathroom, Blog

Most homeowners hesitate going through a bathroom renovation because it can be costly and also time consuming. Some may think that as long as the bathroom is still serving its purpose, renovating this part of the house is not necessary. 

Homeowners should realize that bathroom renovations make a lot of sense, not only because it’s vital to their everyday health, but also it increases the value of their property. If your bathroom is renovated it increases your house value as it will appeal and attract prospective buyers. You also get to cut your energy expenses if you update the windows, functionality and technology that your bathroom currently has. 

Given all the benefits, you may be wondering how much a bathroom renovation costs. Yes, bathroom renovations can be costly but if you pick a senior renovation project management company, then you’ll be guided where you should spend more and where you could save. Keep in mind that upgrading this part of the house is far different from building a new bathroom from nothing. 

Average Cost of Bathroom Renovation

At this time, the average cost of bathroom renovation is around $16,000. It normally ranges from $12,000 to $25,000 depending on the size of the area. If you are on a tight budget, discuss with your project management company if your budget concerns and ideals and they can bring suggestions and work together with you to achieve an updated look. 

Bathroom renovations typically involve the installation of bathtub, sink, toilet, flooring, countertops, lighting fixture, and shower. You’ll have to pay not just for the materials and labour, but also for the removal and disposal of your old bathroom. The cost of the materials would depend of course on the quality of the product. 

Finishes Selection 

Finishes can add up a lot to your budget. It’s a must to decide on the type of finishes that you want for your bathroom before the renovation begins. It can be the kid-friendly type which will require you to have fixtures that suit their height and age or the luxurious styled finishes that stand out. Powder rooms and guest bathrooms are usually more on the standard style. Be ready to spend more for the master bathroom as this is the most expensive among all types of bathroom renovation and it also increases the value of your home the most. The ensuite bathroom is often considered the statement bathroom!

To ensure that you’ll get a satisfying bathroom renovation at a favorable cost, hire a reputable bathroom contractor. Make sure you select one with extensive knowledge and experience and one that has contacts of established sub-trades such as plumbers, tile setters and electricians. Verify the company’s qualifications by checking their previous work and testimonials. Probe about their financial stability, licensing, insurance, and projects track record.

Feel free to check out some of our past bathroom renovations for some inspiration!

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