Kitchen Design Trends 2021

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Kitchen

In the past, kitchens were usually positioned at the innermost part of the house and were just used to prepare meals and wash the dishes. Nowadays, this part of the house is utilized for so much more! Families usually spend most of their time here, just chatting, playing board games or do homeworks with the kids… or even homeschooling as per the recent COVID restrictions in Ontario.

Given the evolving role of the kitchen, homeowners are expected to go with what’s “in” when it comes to the appearance and functionality of this part of the house. Most families spend a large part of their day in the kitchen, so it only makes sense to invest in this space. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, just go for it and consider the following kitchen design trends:

Adding Quartz Countertops

Give your kitchen an added appeal with quartz countertops. This material exudes timeless charm that it even gets more beautiful as it ages. Quartz also has unique attributes given its distinct color tones, veinings, and patterns. 

When it comes to durability, you can also never go wrong with quartz countertops. They are not just trendy, they can also last for years with proper maintenance giving you a great return on your money.

Make It Cozy With Wooden Design

The use of wooden materials is another kitchen design trend that has become very popular. What’s great about wood finishes is the kind of vibe it brings to your interior. It radiates a homey ambiance, making the mood so comforting.  

There’s a lot of wood materials to choose from. Having wooden cabinets in the kitchen makes it organized and also pleasing to the eye, since it also blends well with other parts of the house. To achieve an even more beautiful kitchen transformation while maintaining a modern but minimalist approach, you can also opt for wood finishes for your furniture, flooring, wood beams, custom decor shelvings or custom wood countertop accents; on an island or workspace to add even more pop to your kitchen design. 

Accentuate With Bright Colors 

There’s a variety of colors to choose from in your effort to make your kitchen more modern and stylish. The combination of black, white and grey remains a hit. It creates a classy charm that does not go out of style. If you want to be more playful, you can use bright colors to add an accent to your kitchen. Some of the trendy colors you can pick are cobalt blue, turquoise, aquamarine, lime green, and yellow. Any of these bright colors can be used as accents for your kitchen wall, furniture, curtain, or accessories. 

Now is the time to up your kitchen design. Contact us to get a free quote on your kitchen renovation today!

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