Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2020

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of a home. You and your family will gather, cook, eat, and socialize there. It’s also a high traffic area for guests, and one of the first places potential buyers want to see during an open house. As 2019 ends, there are many new trends for 2020 already making a debut in homes across Ontario. At the Bradburn Group of Companies, we specialize in customized contracting. This provides us with access to all the latest and greatest designs. Here are a few of the top kitchen renovation concepts for the new year. 

Kitchen Colours on Trend This Season 

Colour is always an area of focus during any remodel and update. Kitchens have gone from the warm sunny colours of the early 50’s to the cool crisp hues of modern homes and everything in between. They say trends repeat themselves, and it must be true of kitchen design as well because warm tones and natural materials are making a comeback. 

Natural woods, terracotta, and stone are gracing floors, cabinets, and counters, while walls and backsplashes are taking on beige, blush, and golds. The matte finish is still preferred over gloss. 

Patterned Flooring is Back   

The chevron pattern seen in the 1950’s is also making a comeback. Modern homeowners have skipped the concept of hardwood in kitchens for years due to the fear of water damage and scuffing. Opting instead for ceramic tile and even linoleum. 2020 will be a year for nostalgia as the chevron-patterned hardwood reappears in homes across Canada. Elegant and tricky to properly install, this style of floor has been big in Europe over the last decade and finally made its way back to North America. 

Another popular floor trend for the new year is marble. Marble is timeless, durable, and elegant. It also works well as a backsplash and counter, making it easy to match floors with other surfaces in your kitchen. 

The New Functionality of Backsplash Shelving   

A problem many modern homeowners face is the amount of storage in the kitchen. Cupboards are used for pots and pans, drawers for utensils, but what about décor? The latest trend in kitchen design is melding functionality with aesthetics for a backsplash that double as a shelf. 

In 2020, you’re sure to see more kitchens boasting this functional backsplash that works to protect the walls above your counters from water and food debris, before jutting out into more storage space. 

Storage Walls, Oversized Pantries and Minimalist Cabinetry Detail 

Hiding in plain sight seems to be the latest kitchen concept, and we’re seeing it mainly in storage and cabinetry. More kitchens will be outfitted with minimalist handles on drawers and cupboards, and minimalist taps and faucets on sinks. 

For the storage issues many Canadians face, a wall of storage cabinets, and oversized pantry are the 2020 answer. Rather than building a single strip of cabinets above the countertop, many Canadians are choosing to install a full wall of cabinetry along with an oversized pantry for maximum storage. 

New Technology and Hidden Range Hoods   

Another feature hiding in plain sight is the kitchen range hood. Never a beautiful design concept, the range hood is being covered in tile to appear as part of the wall or tucked up inside the ceiling above the stove. 

Other technology seeing improvement includes the new smart appliances like the new smart fridges. Now, also available in the warm tones trending for 2020. 

For more information on the latest kitchen trends, or to get started on your remodel, contact Bradburn Group for all your renovation needs. 






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