Living Room Renovation Tips

by | May 3, 2021 | Blog, Renovations

When we hear the words home improvement project, the kitchen and bathroom are often the first rooms that come to mind.  But as one of the most used spaces in a house, living rooms also have great renovation potential. Where you spend most of your family time deserves beautifying, especially if it also happens to be the area where you take your guests and let them stay when they visit.

Living room renovations have a high return on investment. It pays to invest in enhancing this part of your house because when you decide to sell the property, you’ll have a show-stopping space that buyers won’t be able to resist. Here are some of our top living room renovation tips for your next remodel:

Expand your living room

In the past, the trend was to keep living rooms tight for energy conservation purposes. Today, having a more spacious living area is the kind that most homebuyers want and need. If there’s a room next door that is not in use, you can remove the wall so the living room becomes bigger. You may also opt for a broken floor plan which lets you have small segments of space for privacy without eliminating the feeling of openness in your living room.

Replace your front door

The front door has a lot to do with the overall appearance of the living room. Replacing it will give the area a refreshing look. This slight modification will not just beautify the living space, but will also enhance the look of your house from the outside.

Make it brighter

There’s nothing nicer than sitting back in a warm and sunny spot in your living room.  If you’re lacking natural light in your home, replacement windows might be the solution for you. Big beautiful windows will give your living room a more homey ambiance while pouring more natural light in.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Color scheme is an important aspect of your living room renovation. This space is considered the face of the house so you’ll want to choose your colors wisely. Choose a color palette that will bring out the elegance of your home and highlight the best features of each space. Some of the most popular choices are gray, white, beige, and other natural or earthy shades.

Living rooms are often overlooked when it comes to renovating. But as a space that is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used in your home, it should not be ignored! Whether you need more space, functionality or comfort, a living room renovation is the perfect way to add value to your home.

 If you’re looking for design inspiration for your living room, check out our project gallery.

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