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The communication had been amazing every step of the way...
Before the renovation, our house was quite dated, about 50 years old. When we watched house and home shows and saw the “before” pictures, we would look at each other and think, “That’s our house.” It was really in need of a renovation. The space now is stunning—absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, especially the kitchen, which I personally adore.

I absolutely love it, and it brings me joy every single day. We chose the Bradburn Group because a close friend of mine strongly recommended them. We really trusted my friend, and she said they were fantastic. She had a couple of friends who had also used the Bradburn Group and loved the results. So, we thought we’d give them a shot.

When we saw the results of other projects they’d done, they looked really good—exactly what we wanted. The experience was really smooth, easy, I would say. Top marks for the way communication worked. The online portal was great. It laid out exactly how everything was going to unfold, the different stages of the renovation, and when they were going to happen. It provided a really clear line of communication.

I also appreciated the daily pictures they shared. Since we weren’t in our home for much of the renovation, the constant communication and picture updates about the progress were very helpful. I mean, the whole experience was pretty awesome. So for me, I think the kitchen underwent such a transformation, right? It’s twice as big, looks incredible, functions well, and is beautiful. That’s what I like the most.

The hardwood turned out stunningly beautiful, including the stairs. When you walk into the space, it’s breathtaking. The island is also amazing. We didn’t have an island before, and we were blown away by how beautiful and spacious it is.

We highly recommend the Bradburn Group. Communication has been amazing every step of the way. They guide you through the available options and their costs, so it’s really transparent. We entrusted our home to them, and the results were amazing.