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The experience with the Bradburn group has been great...

format_quote So, before the renovation our house was very well lived in-is kind of what we would say. The previous owners were here for, I think about 10 years, they lived in it, they loved it, whatever kind of broke they never seemed to fix. So, we bought the house with the intention to do the renovation that we did. Kind of fell in love with the property more than the house, knowing that we could make the house whatever we wanted to. So, the space now in the house after the renovation, I think is exactly what we wanted it to be. We are very happy with the outcome. So,we heard from the Bradburn Group through Google and just from seeing different reviews. The reason that we chose the Bradburn Group is because we had the mover for a site visit with a few other different contractors, we just felt the most comfortable with them, we felt that they knew what our vision was for this project. They were, you know, in line with our budget, they were in line with the time that we were expecting for the project to take.

I would say a very detailed proposal as well, like it really felt like there wasn’t going to be any surprises in terms of, you know, obviously things come up once you open up a house, but in terms of they really did think of everything. And when we had a lot of questions, they were very quick to respond with very detailed answers. So, I thought the communication was wonderful.

So, the experience with the Bradburn group has been great. We enjoyed everyone who came through our house and the communication with the Bradburn Group has been great. What impressed us the most about the Bradburn Group was just their adaptability and easy to work with. Whenever we had questions they were very quick with answers. Anytime, you know, if we did change our mind, it was never a problem or anything that came up again, it just felt really easy. The relationship was very fluid. And you know, a lot of back and forth with a project this size but I always felt like they were on our team and there was never any clashing.

They really understood what we wanted out of the project. And I think even came to us with ideas as to this will work or this isn’t going to work based on the ideas that we had been giving them. So, they really saw what we had wanted out of this project. They also use a portal, which I don’t know if that’s typical in the industry, this is our first big renovation. But the portal I found great especially, I mean, we lived close by during the renovations owe did stop by to check on things. But if you were further away and weren’t able to check on it, the portal was great with them uploading photos. Told you exactly who was there and what they were going to be doing, as well as the like schedule of what was to come. So, you definitely felt you know, on the portal, you knew what was happening. And so, there wasn’t very many questions.

I think the favorite part of the space is the kitchen, for sure is one of them. It’s just, you know, it’s a very large kitchen, we took out a post and added a few beams, we got to increase the height and the kitchen. But just the finishes that we did I even during the renovation and the closer to the end of it, it was like I would walk in and just say like this is huge, it felt very large. It didn’t really feel real, like it was ours for a little while. But it is now we really enjoy it. And I think that there is a close second position with our master bathroom, as we have a double shower in there that we can stand in and have our arms spread out and not touch either. So, we really enjoy our master suite that they have created for us.

We have said to family and friends already who are thinking about it is that they were great to work with on all levels in terms of the communication; was wonderful. And when there were surprises, you found out about them in real time as they were learning about them. So that was great. And again, just understood our vision of what we wanted and did I think everything possible to make sure that we could do that within our time-within our time, budget; which was a big thing because we had made changes throughout the project and understanding that adds to time and it adds to the funds. But they were really good with doing what they could to make sure that we got back into our house within a reasonable amount of time.