The Robertson 2 Project

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Discover the transformation of spaces in our renovation project photo gallery, where before meets after in a showcase of creativity and craftsmanship.

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Embark on a visual journey through our renovation project with our before and after video.

Testimonial Video

Experience the satisfaction and joy of our clients firsthand by watching our renovation project testimonial video.

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Bradburn Group…

We learned about the Bradburn Group while taking a walk down our street and noticing that one of our neighbors was using them for house renovations. Since we had gotten to know these neighbors well, their high praise for the Bradburn Group carried a lot of weight. That’s how we got started.

Their house had a layout similar to ours, so we were able to incorporate many of the ideas they implemented into their home into our own.

Our experience with the Bradburn Group was exceedingly positive. Their communication was impeccable, and their employees were incredibly welcoming. Any issues that arose, which were quite few, we could openly discuss with them. Their professionalism during their time here was remarkable.

The communication was exceptional. They provided multiple ways to get in touch with us, but what I found most helpful was the app. Everything, including images of our preferences, invoices, and schedules, was uploaded to the app. This allowed us to have a clear understanding of what to expect each day, which was incredibly beneficial. Moreover, they were just a phone call away if we needed anything, which was very convenient.

What impressed me most was the final result. The finished job not only met my expectations but even exceeded them. I couldn’t be happier with the home we’re living in now.

It’s fantastic, and we truly see it as our forever home. It’s the small details that made a significant difference. They offered excellent recommendations, many of which we implemented, enhancing the beauty of the space. Personally, my favorite area is definitely the kitchen.

I wholeheartedly agree. Our kitchen is where we spend most of our time, and our kids’ friends frequently come over for dinner. It’s great, although feeding all these kids costs quite a bit. Nevertheless, I’m pleased that our home has become a gathering place for them.

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Bradburn Group. In fact, we’ve already recommended them to many friends who have seen our space and have a layout similar to theirs. If they haven’t already reached out to Bradburn, I’m confident they will soon.

Renovation Case Study

Unveiling a Success Story: A Home Elevated With Bradburn Group of Companies’ Experienced Touch

Transform Your Space, Elevate Your Lifestyle

Experience renovations that redefine luxury, functionality, and elegance. Another Stylish Robertson Transformation!

Client Background

The clients, residents of a home on Robertson Cres, had seen firsthand the quality and elegance of Bradburn Group’s renovations. Having established a close relationship with their neighbours who had previously used the Bradburn Group, they were inspired by the transformation they witnessed and saw the potential to make their home a reflection of their own tastes and preferences.


The clients desired a renovation that would brighten and open up their main living spaces, particularly with an emphasis on elegant and contemporary trims and fixtures. They also wanted a cohesive flow between rooms while ensuring the home still had personal touches that would make it uniquely theirs.

Pain Points

  • A layout that lacked the openness and brightness they desired.
  • An outdated kitchen that didn’t meet their functional needs or aesthetic preferences.
  • Living spaces, including the family room and stairway, that needed modern updates and cohesive design touches.

The Transformation! Solutions Provided by Bradburn Group of Companies!

The choice to partner with the Bradburn Group for this renovation was an informed one. The clients were first introduced to the excellence of the Bradburn Group through their neighbours, and the glowing recommendations held significant weight. The Bradburn Group’s reputation for consistent communication, professionalism, and high-quality results played a pivotal role in the client’s decision. Moreover, the Group’s innovative use of technology, particularly the app that streamlined every aspect of the renovation process, further bolstered the client’s confidence in their choice. Ultimately, it was the combination of Bradburn Group’s proven expertise and their commitment to ensuring client satisfaction at every step that made them the standout choice for this project.


A complete transformation to an all-white theme with cabinets and quartz counters. Dark feature inclusions such as hardware and light fixtures. Incorporation of a spacious island that can comfortably seat up to five people. A dedicated coffee station flanked by two large custom cabinets offering additional storage and an integrated drinks fridge. Upgrade to high-end stainless appliances, including a gas stove.

Family Room

Refreshed the room keeping the existing fireplace brick surround with the installation of large and elegant trim and casings to elevate the overall aesthetic and to provide a modern yet warm touch to the room.


Transition to light oak steps paired with white risers, complemented by dark spindles to offer a contemporary touch.


Process & Implementation

From the onset, the Bradburn Group prioritized clear communication. This involved the introduction of a dedicated app where the clients could track daily schedules, view images, manage invoices, and engage in open discussions about preferences and requirements. The renovation was executed with precision, focusing on each detail, which ultimately led to a home that resonated with the clients’ vision.


The result was nothing short of spectacular. The clients were thrilled with the transformation, especially with the kitchen, which became a favourite gathering spot for their family and friends. Not only was the renovated space functional, but it also exuded elegance and style in every corner. The minute details, suggestions from the Bradburn Group, and the flawless execution led to a home the clients now proudly call their “forever home.”

Client’s Voice: “It’s the small details that made a significant difference. They offered excellent recommendations, many of which we implemented, enhancing the beauty of the space. Personally, my favourite area is definitely the kitchen… Our home has become a gathering place.”

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