renovate your kitchen or bathroom

If you’re considering renovating a room in your home, then there’s a good chance it’s the bathroom or the kitchen. Whether you want to add value to your home or add some more comfort to your life, either is an excellent choice.

Here are the factors that might sway your decision.

Adding Value

According to a survey of more than 750 real estate experts cited by Global News, there is a clear winner when it comes to boosting the sale price of your home.

The amount of home value your specific renovation will add depends on many factors, but generally, the kitchen has the greatest return on investment.

On the other hand, renovating the bathroom might be the better option for those with tighter budgets. Generally, bathroom renovations will cost less than renovating the kitchen.


The home experts at The Spruce point out that a bathroom remodel will take a minimum of 18 days. Kitchen remodels take at least a few weeks longer than that at 2 to 6 months.

Though, again, the specific renovations you have in mind may make your timeline longer or shorter.


You also have to consider how the renovation will impact your daily living. Which room are you willing to have little to no access to for an extended amount of time?

Which renovation will be most disruptive? Renovating your kitchen may mean budgeting more for eating at restaurants and fast food chains. Many homes, however, have multiple bathrooms. You might find that less inconvenient.

If you don’t mind eating out more often for a few weeks, or if you have access to another kitchen nearby, then renovating the kitchen might be a better option. Especially because, even with multiple bathrooms, you might have to bathe elsewhere. That could tip things in the other direction.

renovate your kitchen or bathroom


Surprisingly, the weather might be a factor in your decision. If you want to start work in winter, then working on the bathroom first might be preferable.

Having to rely on eating out will push you out of your home often, while you can use another bathroom in your home while a bathroom renovation is being completed.

Also, your barbeque provides you with another option for food preparation, but only in the summer.

Why Are You Renovating?

Are you adding value, or getting one step closer to your dream home? As we discussed before a kitchen will add more value to your home, making it the better option if you are preparing to sell your home in a few months.

If the renovation is for yourself, here are some thoughts:

The Family Hub

  • Often families will spend time together in the kitchen or the living room. If you tend towards the kitchen, that could be the choice for you.

Rest and Relaxation

  • If soaking yourself in a luxurious bath or jacuzzi sounds like the ideal way to unwind, renovate the bathroom.

Why Choose?

If, however, you have the means and the time, then we at the Bradburn Group are happy to take on both your bathroom and your kitchen renovation. Contact us to discuss the best choice for you and your family.