Home renovation reality shows have never been more popular. The mortgage crisis and following recession may have pushed more homeowners to renovate and reinvest in their existing home, rather than purchasing new homes.

Renovation television has become a resource for ideas, inspiration, and information. Of course, these shows are still just entertainment. Packaging a multi-month project into a neat half-hour time frame means that certain details are not shown.

That’s why we’re setting the record straight on four common TV Renovation myths.

Myth: A Newly Renovated Kitchen is the Best Investment

On television, the first thing designers seem to do is make the kitchen bigger. But, if you are looking to build value in your home, you might be better off keeping your kitchen the same size and renovating other kitchen elements.

modern kitchen renovation

Myth: Jumping into a Project 

On television, it feels like contractors start renovating immediately. This leaves out important steps. First, you have to create a design and get it approved. Materials need to be selected and then delivered, which adds additional time to a project.

Contractors also often need to secure the proper permits to carry out their work, and sometimes this can also add time to the process.

drawing of a kitchen renovation

Myth: You Can Wing It

TV hosts have fun personas. They’re creative and spontaneous and are often making decisions on the fly. It’s important to know there is a lot of planning and coordination going on behind the scenes.

Planning and consultations protect against miscommunication and errors. Discussing what the best options are, and working to implement them, is a much more involved process than television may make it out to seem.

Myth: It’s Safe to Do it Yourself

Without proper experience, you should not attempt electrical work, demolition, or complex construction. If you see an average person doing these things on TV, then an experienced professional is just off camera, supervising their work. Stay safe and know your limits.

project management and planning

Hopefully, this expert perspective will make home renovation television more enjoyable for you. These shows are still an excellent resource for ideas and inspiration. Still, it’s a good idea to do some research before you attempt to follow their lead. Call or e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to help.