What You Need to Know about Full Home Renovation

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Renovations

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It likely won’t come as a surprise, but it’s important to remember that renovating your entire home is a big undertaking with a lot of moving parts in terms of what needs to happen and who will be responsible for what, as well as the expected timelines for everything to be completed.

Here we take a look at the key things to keep in mind while planning your home transformation to ensure you cover all of the important pieces and that the end result is a space you are truly satisfied with.

Whole Home or Room by Room?

When starting to plan out your home renovation, you may be interested in completing everything at once in a single time period, or tackling individual rooms. Both options are possible, however we recommend a full home renovation. While a room by room renovation allows you to spread out the cost, you will also add on the inconvenience of having to bring in multiple teams at different times. In the long run, a full home approach is more cost effective and takes less time.


Couple reviewing budget on computer

Determining your budget (and how you will pay for it) is key to good planning. Map out as much of the costs as you can ahead of time, calling in the advice of an expert project manager to help you fill in the gaps or things you may have missed or not thought about initially.

Additionally, a renovation of any size can be unpredictable and budgets can be stretched due to unexpected issues and/or delays. It is always best to ensure you have a contingency and give yourself an extra expense buffer to increase your spending limit if required. We also suggest you research best practices and protect yourself from any other costs that can crop up along the way.


When renovating your entire home, you will likely need to secure permits. Research what kind of permits your city requires you to have and, we can’t stress this enough, apply early. You don’t want to have to delay work before it has even begun.

Moving Out

If you opt to renovate room by room, you can probably still live in your home. If you are going all in for a full renovation, however, you’ll have to move out to allow for space and consider your safety. Planning somewhere to stay in advance will allow you to find the best solution for your family.

You might prefer to plan the renovation for when the kids are at summer camp, take a family vacation, head up north, or simply find the most cost-effective place close by to spend the next couple months.

Hire the Right Contractor

A full home renovation raises the stakes on hiring a contractor. They’ll be working in every room of your home, which means you need to hire a team you can trust that’s prepared for the unique challenges that every room presents. Your friend may be thrilled with their new bathroom, but does their contractor work as well with kitchens? Roofs? Floors? Does this contractor understand the specific qualities of your space?

Do your research ahead of time and ask key questions to help you decide whether you’re choosing the right individual or company for the job.

Communication is Key

Project management is crucial to any renovation. the Bradburn Group of Companies has developed a client portal that invites homeowners to become our partners in project management. It keeps track of both short and long-term progress, utilizing a user-friendly dashboard and messaging system to ensure effective communication every step of the way.

This tool also helps hold us to a high degree of accountability – all of our progress, and your requests, are easily accessible to the entire team of contractors and management so that we can follow up quickly and efficiently.

Also, because we upload pictures of the job site, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere that you have internet access.

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