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When we ask our clients to describe our team, the word “professional” comes up often. We take pride in that because it tells us that we’re doing things the right way. We’re effectively communicating well with our clients and overall team, working efficiently, and getting the job done correctly and to everyone’s expectations.

How do we do it? It all comes down to good project management. Without it, it’s difficult to manage and deliver projects, keep our progress and team organized, and track and ensure that everyone is happy with the results.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how project management, specifically through the use of our client portal, helps us as a whole team from start to finish.

Benefits of Project Management

These are some of the key ways project management, particularly through using a PM tool such as our client portal, helps us keep everyone informed and on track:\

Couple planning

  1. Mapping out the Project. Good project management will lay out the expectations for the project and the strategies for executing the project. Laying out the details and timelines early on helps prepare for anticipated challenges and makes work more efficient.
  2. Building Connections. Communication is vital to any job site, doubly so when you’re working in someone’s home. Our client portal is our main project management tool because it connects our management, general contractors, and our clients, and allows them to form strong relationships as the project progresses.
  3. Client Input. Giving our clients more access to management and workers allows the homeowners we work with to become partners in the project. They can be sure that their messages have been received and that their feedback is being incorporated into the project.
  4. Funnily enough, having a plan helps you improvise. Knowing what your goals are and how you’re approaching them gives you the option to change your route. Our client portal gives us the opportunity to communicate these changes quickly, making implementing changes more efficient.
  5. Greater Accountability. Another aspect of our project management is that all involved, clients, workers, partners and management, receive daily progress updates through our customer portal and mobile app. This means that everyone is accountable for the work that has been assigned to them and allows all parties to keep a close eye on all financial aspects of a project. It also ensures the schedule is updated weekly as the project progresses. The visible accountability is a great motivator for the entire team to meet their performance goals.
  6. Maintaining Relationships. As this list suggests, a lot of our project management strategy involves opening up communication with our clients. The online client portal helps us to stay connected with clients, even if they have decided to go on vacation, or up to the cottage for the duration of the project. This helps us maintain lasting relationships built on a solid understanding of our client’s needs.
  7. Our client portal is not only central to our project management strategy, its central to how we operate our business. It’s part of The Bradburn Group’s DNA. When you choose to invite us into your home, you can be confident about how we will operate consistently with your involvement throughout the project and other projects should we continue to work together on other endeavors.

Every time you work with The Bradburn Group, you know exactly what you’re getting and our transparency consistently shows through our project management style, and the client portal. Experience the difference and contact us today with any inquiries or project ideas, we’d love to hear from you!