Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Bathroom, Renovations

When we talk about bathrooms, we usually think of it as just a function and purpose space.  But for some people, this room can also be a sanctuary, a retreat. Imagine having a bathroom to accommodate your tired body after a hard day’s work. How lovely it is to have one with modern attributes that resonate with an appealing aesthetic? Whether you realize it or not, we all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms so it’s only right that we aim for its improvement, hence, the call for a bathroom renovation.

From outdated faucets, discolored tiles to faulty plumbing, all these will require you to renovate your bathroom and you shouldn’t turn a deaf ear to this call for this is an investment, not just for the resale value of your home, but more so, for your comfort and safety, as well. 

At some point, you will wonder if you should revamp your bathroom, Below are some reasons why you should go for it:

Ample storage space

Remodeling your bathroom gives you an opportunity to reorganize it and see that it fits the needs of everyone in your house. Be it an additional household member or a lifestyle change, modifications should be done to complement what your family currently requires. This also lets you redesign your old bathroom to make its appearance more up to date. 

A bathroom renovation also allows you to maximize the space and add storage nooks where needed. You will have the chance to add necessary upgrades and remove the ones you no longer find appealing and useful.  Proper organization is not just a pleasant view, it also promotes comfort which is what we all want to come home to. 

Efficiency and sustainability

Your bathroom plumbing deteriorates with time. Constantly recurring bathroom issues are costly in the long run. One day you call in a plumber to fix one thing and have them back the next day for another issue. Old leaky plumbings are unseen problems until it is big enough to call attention. With a bathroom renovation, you get to fix what needs to be fixed before they cause you a headache. Nowadays there are more eco-friendly and cost-efficient materials available that can help you save money for maintenance and future repair. 

Safety and protection 

A common indicator that your bathroom is in need of remodeling has something to do with the tiles. This issue can be ignored for a time, however mold formation can make the floor slippery and start putting your family’s safety at risk. In some occasions, water leakage may also come in contact with electrical wiring which is very dangerous. 

Home resale value 

Let’s not forget that renovating your bathroom is also a huge boost in your home resale value. The money you spend on your renovation will increase your equity on your home by more than the value of the renovation itself. A bathroom renovation is the most popular of all home improvements particularly if you are thinking of selling your home in the future.

Innovating your bathroom does not only improve your home resale value but also your quality of life. You’ll be surprised by the impact that a newly renovated room can bring. It will have a positive effect on your mood, productivity and it can also alleviate your anxiety level. Our bathroom is the first place we go to when we get out of bed and the first thing in the morning. Having a fresh and comfortable personal space is an awesome way to start up your day!

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