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We love the idea of having an app that would keep us connected...
Before the renovation started, the space was really empty, a very unfinished basement with insulation hanging on the walls and a concrete floor that was a little bit cracked and uneven. Now the space is completely finished off. We’ve got a laundry room in here, a bathroom office area that we’re able to work from, and then a lovely, large entertaining space that we’re really looking forward to enjoying going forward.

I ended up hearing, I guess we both ended up hearing through them through multiple Facebook groups after meeting with a few options. We really connected with Jay and just got a great sense of how the project would evolve. We love the idea of having an app that would keep us connected with all the trades coming in and out.

And just from the moment really, he stepped into this house and then right to the end, it was just it was that connection. I think it’s been amazing from the design stage all the way through to the planning to working on the contract and then all of the sections right down to everybody coming in and out of the house for coming to electricians, to the painting, to all the final products.

It’s been seamless, always call informed, always knew what was going on from day to day, week to week. One of the nice parts that we had with it was in dealing with the town of Oak Hill, and there was a lot of questions about what we needed to be done with the permit and certain things that were being asked, and it was just nice to have them help work through some of the challenges that the town was bringing to us, which is stuff that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.

So it was nice to have them help guide us through that. The communications been amazing. It’s been through the Builder Trend app, which we both had on our phones, so it’s kind of nice when we’re both working. We both knew what was going on and we could keep our kids informed of anybody coming in and out of the house.

Usually responses back from questions that we had were very, very quick. Everybody from like the office staff down to the people who were actually working in the house, we always knew what was going on. And I think primarily that’s from the the app that we used to manage the project. I think probably the one thing that always impressed me is we got the sense that they were looking at everything with a fine tooth comb and saw stuff that we wouldn’t have, and therefore you felt just complete trust.

Honestly, it’s probably for me, the stuff that you don’t see in here. It was the amount of effort they took into the leveling of floor that I’m trying to remember. They said it was like hills and valleys in here so that the entire space is actually livable and usable. I love the bathroom down here, and we have a large family with three kids and teenage girls and having the extra bathroom for them to use.

And you know, even when company is over and it was beautifully finished, probably one of my favorite spots down here, hands down. I would recommend them just in the sense of just their experience, their professionalism, their ability to solve problems that they didn’t necessarily foresee. And so when I’m recommending the group to somebody, it would be that from end to end, whether it’s planned or surprises crop up, that they’re there to support you through the project.