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The best part of working with Bradburn was how seamless the project turned out to be...
Before the renovation, our space was actually an empty garage. We purchased a mixed commercial unit, which means the front half of our building was beautifully done, and the back half was a garage intended for a transport truck. Over the course of a couple of months working with Bradburn, we transformed that garage into a beautiful office space. We’ve turned the office into three professional offices that are now being used by medical practitioners. No one who comes through the building knows that it was once a concrete block box before we started the renovation – no plumbing, no ductwork, no electrical. That’s where we started from.

When we began the project, I found the Bradburn Group through a Google search. I was impressed by the professionalism of their website. It was clear that they had worked with other local businesses. At the time, I was working in downtown Burlington, and I could see real examples of other businesses familiar to me that had chosen Bradburn for their renovations. Bradburn was easy to work with. They called me back on time. We met at scheduled times, and they promptly addressed many of the questions we had. This isn’t always the case in my experience with previous home and commercial renovations. As a business owner, my main concern was maintaining our business’s ability to operate during a major renovation. Bradburn’s ability to execute even the simplest tasks, down to communicating with me about backorders or progress, was vital.

I also chose them because of the thoroughness of their quote. I knew we wouldn’t face excessive uncertainty in the project once things started. This was a significant factor in my decision to work with them.

The best part of working with Bradburn was how seamless the project turned out to be. As a single business owner, the responsibility lies with me, and all decisions have to go through me. This felt stressful as I was taking on a project with potentially thousands of decisions to make. I wanted to focus on my business while tackling this massive renovation. Bradburn’s communication throughout the project was smooth. During parts of the project when I was away, they communicated through their online portal in a professional manner. I felt connected to the project without being overwhelmed by it. They allowed me to run my business while they worked on the project in the background. This made a significant difference – it didn’t consume an enormous amount of my time or emotional resources.

My favorite part of the renovated space is the attention to detail they applied in areas where I might have overlooked things or where it wasn’t within my expertise. I explained what I needed and wanted from the space, and they guided me through the decisions we made together. This included the type of carpet, soundproofing, and HVAC system. The transition from the existing front of our office into the newly renovated space is seamless. The renovated space looks like it has been there from the beginning, and it met all our physical needs beautifully.

For business owners seeking a professional, timely, and communicative company that won’t disrupt daily operations during a renovation, I would recommend Bradburn. They addressed my needs as a business owner by allowing me to stay focused on my business while they handled the project professionally and efficiently. They executed our project much faster than I expected, making it a seamless process that didn’t disrupt our business operations. That was the most significant difference they made for us.