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Always available for questions and quickly responded to any issues...
The space before the renovation was very dated. It’s a 1950s bungalow. After the renovation, the space looks amazing. TPG did such a great job just bringing our vision to life. We had a very small tub where, like if you were washing your hair, your elbows would hit the wall and the curtain. And now we have a beautiful glass stand up shower with a rain shower head.

It just feels so much nicer to be in that space and be like, be able to get ready in that space and have ample storage for all the things that you need to get ready for your day. They did kind of a whole revamp on the main level of our bungalow, new doors and new casings, new window trim, an adult closet as my husband and I call it in our main bedroom, because we had the original 1950s single closet that we absorbed into the bathroom.

And now we have a bigger bathroom and a bigger closet space in our bedroom. We chose the burn group because of the open communication right off the bat. We met with them and right away felt very comfortable with Jordan. He was able to see our vision, bring it to life. Talk about some different approaches that maybe we hadn’t thought of as homeowners.

That would really help us better utilize the space in our home. They responded quickly to inquiries and they were very transparent about timelines, pricing and scope of work and that just made us feel really comfortable with them. Thing that impressed me the most about the Bradburn group and the whole team that was here was their professionalism. They came to our house every day.

They were always available for questions and quickly responded to any issues and really took the time to explain to us why it was important that we were doing this or different options that were available to us. Our communication experience with the Bradburn group was phenomenal. They use an app called Builder Trend that made communication very seamless. So if I was up at 5 a.m. and had a question or an inquiry, I could type in a message what was on my mind, and then they would respond, you know, during the business day or call or when they were on site, they would address the issue.

It just made it really, really easy to kind of get my thoughts out when they were on my mind. And they were always very quick to reply either by text or messaging through the app, a call and email or in person. It was such an amazing experience and I’m just so happy with the end result.