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We chose the Bradburn group because the efficiency of communication right from the beginning...
Before the renovation. We were looking at pictures last night and it was a little bit dark. It was a little bit dated for sure. When we saw online the reviews and the process, frankly, then top to bottom with regards to the communication that the Bradburn group offered. It became quite exciting to move forward. We chose the Bradburn group because the efficiency of communication right from the beginning, we had initial conversations that moved directly into the drafting and the staging of what we hoped to become this amazing network behind me.

And from there on, after scheduling, it was very easy and simple, and it happened in a very quick, efficient manner. The streamlined process of the coding is one of the reasons why we went with the Bradburn group. Having renderings done of the work to a point where we were happy with them before going and making the final decision was essentially another reason why we had such a positive experience.

The thing that impressed me the most about the Bradburn group is the quality of trades crafts individuals that came through from flooring to obviously the millwork itself, but even the preparation of the wall behind it. And then obviously the coordination of those various trades. The online portal builder trend was a great resource for us and I believe the team throughout the whole process.

There is a lot of different trades that came through at various points from electrician to mill work to the flooring. The app itself and the online portal allowed not only them to communicate for us to be a part of that conversation and then to see kind of images along the way that describe that. If someone were to ask for a referral in the world of trades and the world of any renovation in their home.

I would gladly be providing a referral for the Bradburn group and specifically the tradespeople that we had the opportunity and fortunate to work with while they were in our home. What I can say is that we had a myriad of detailed work that was not necessarily one trade, and as a result of that, I myself couldn’t have coordinated that kind of work. And I think that’s an expertise that is brought by the proper group.