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The quality was definitely unmatched...

Prior to the renovation of So Gingko, this salon was quite dated. It lacked the modern touch that I was dreaming of, and I found that there was such a disconnect between the spaces in the salon that the flow wasn’t as convenient as it could be. Now I find that there is an immediate calmness to this space from the light, airy color to the space just being more open concept.

Clients have been really noticing that upon entrance of the salon I was introduced to the Bradburn group by my architect, designer Carruthers and CO. He had worked with them in the past and had a lot of good things to say about them, so I immediately reached out when I was ready to start this project. They were incredibly responsive.

They weren’t the only contractors that I reached out to, but they were the ones who contacted me back then as I was ready to start this project. There was never a lack of response. Any questions that I had? They made me feel very confident that they were the right ones for this job. I have to say that I really noticed the communication was always there.

That can lock in with many other contractors, and I have worked with other ones in the past. They stood out amongst others. The app that they use was extremely convenient. I found that anything that we had discussed or any ideas that we had in mind, the app was handy with keeping our communication solid and there was never a miscommunication at any point during the whole work.

I found that the project manager was great with even following up, asking me questions that I didn’t know I needed to answer, or keeping me knowledgeable in what the space needed and what it could do without. Because this was my first big project and there was a lot of things that I didn’t know. And so having someone that was very confident in this project really helped me navigate throughout this space.

I was impressed specifically with the woodwork. The quality was definitely unmatched, but when you compare it with any other equipment that you would find at the store pre-made, it really stands out. And I found that there would work with just the feature of this whole space. And if it wasn’t for the retail shelves, for example, I don’t think this the salon would be, as I opening and jaw dropping as it is.

My absolute favorite part was the retail shelves, but also the openness of this. This entire salon. It just feels so inviting. It feels calm. There’s more of a Zen like feel as soon as you enter the space.