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They were attentive, treating us and our project with the utmost respect...
Based on our current relationship with the Bradburns, as well as some of the videos and testimonials we had seen and heard, and after talking to clients of mine who had work done by the Bradburns, everybody raved about the job they do. So, before the renovation, the area was still a bathroom, closet, and bedroom, but the layout was a bit awkward. This layout resulted in lost closet space. The new layout is much more streamlined, utilizing the same amount of space more efficiently. Now, our bedroom is larger and more spacious due to the addition of closets and the elimination of standalone furniture.

We now have more closet space than before, a larger shower, insulated walls for increased comfort, and indoor heating in the floor, providing a cozy feeling underfoot. The colour scheme creates an open, airy, and spacious atmosphere, a significant improvement compared to its previous state. Our experience with the Bradburns was excellent. A contact person regularly texted me with updates about the job’s status, who would be on-site, and when. As ours was an internal renovation while the rest of the house remained untouched, we were still living in the rest of the house. It was crucial for them to minimize the impact on the rest of the house, and they managed this aspect gracefully. They were respectful of our home and the fact that we were still residing in it, ensuring to keep the space as clean as possible during the project. They did an exceptional job protecting our other finishes. They had to traverse through the house to reach this room, and they took great care to preserve our flooring, even covering it thoughtfully to prevent any further damage to our important elements.

Communication was likely the most impressive part of the job, aside from the fact that we absolutely love the finished product. During the process, consistent communication was key. In terms of communication with the Bradburns, we received daily updates from either the trades or our project manager, Zach. This kept us informed about the ongoing activities. If there were any changes to the plan, we were quickly notified, so we didn’t find ourselves idly waiting. The communication was exceptional, and the online portal they used was top-notch. It served as an excellent tool for both parties to communicate. They would inquire about choices, such as handles or lights, and I knew what was required because they relayed the information through the portal. Likewise, if I had questions for them, I asked them via the portal or daily logs, and they responded promptly. Zach was particularly attentive to my questions, acknowledging my experience in this area and addressing my queries quickly and efficiently. The portal was truly invaluable to us, offering a seamless communication channel.

For me, this house is a century-old home, a century home. We’ve owned it for 20 years, and although we did the initial renovation ourselves, what we thought was modern then has evolved over the last two decades. The modern appearance, updated finishes, colours, and lighting now truly make us feel like we’re living in the 21st century.

If you’re seeking to hire a general contractor, Bradburn was outstanding in this project. They were attentive, treating us and our project with the utmost respect. They responded effectively to any inquiries, being mindful of our desires and intentions for the room. Bradburn was an excellent choice as a general contractor for us. They collaborated seamlessly with us, maintaining an extensive network of trades and sub-trades. They held these professionals in high regard and selected the best among them. Their well-established network of skilled individuals was a true asset.