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Everybody raved about the job that they do...
format_quote Based on our current relationship with the Bradburns and some of the videos and testimonials, we’ve we’d already seen and heard, the word of mouth talking to clients of mine that had work done by the Bradburns. Everybody raved about the job that they do. So before the renovation, it was still bathroom, closet, bedroom, but the layout was a little bit awkward. And as a result of the layout, we lost closet space. So this layout is much more streamlined and is a better use of the same amount of space as we had before. So now our bedroom is bigger and has more space because of adding closets into it and being able to eliminate standalone furniture.

We have more closet space than we did before. Our shower is larger than it was before. The walls are now insulated, so the room feels a little more comfortable. The floor also has indoor heating, which is very comfortable underfoot and the colours, and it’s open and airy and spacious compared to what it was before. Our experience with the Bradburns were excellent. They had, there was one contact that I had would text me, would communicate with me regularly regarding status of the job and who was coming on site and when they were coming. And because ours was an internal renovation where the rest of our house wasn’t actually touched, we were still living in the rest of the house. So it was important that they minimized impact on the rest of the house, and they did that really nicely and they were respectful of our home and that we were still living in it and that we needed the space. And they tried to keep it as clean as possible during their project. They did a really, really good job of trying to protect all our other finishes. That because they had to walk through the house in order to get to this room, you know, we wanted to maintain our floor without refinishing it. So they covered it especially nicely and carefully to make sure that while they were working in this room, they didn’t cause any further damage to things that were really important to us to maintain.

I would say that communication was probably the most impressive portion of the job, and of course we love the finished product. But during the process, communication was critical. Regarding communication with with Bradburn. We received updates on a daily basis from either the trades or from our project manager, Zach. We always knew what was going on. If the plan was for them to be here and they couldn’t. We did find out very quickly, so we weren’t just hanging around twiddling their thumbs. The communication was excellent and the application that they used was top notch. So the online portal was an excellent tool for both them to communicate with me and me to communicate back to them. They would might ask questions or advise of, you know, say, I was choosing handles or choosing – the next day I had to have lights, for example. So I knew what I needed to do because they communicated that through the portal to me. And then also when I had questions for them, I asked them through the portal and through the daily logs or else via the email through the portal, and they responded quickly. I would say, like they responded. Zach was very attentive to my questions and he understood that I have some experience in this kind of thing, so my questions were relevant and mattered to me and that he would answer them in a quick and efficient manner. So it works both ways. So that’s why the portal sort of was so useful to us.

I think for me, it’s, you know, this is a 100 year old home, century home. We’ve owned it for 20 years. We did the first renovation ourselves and although we thought it was modern at the time, things have changed in the last 20 years. So the modern looks, the modern finishes here, the the the updated colours and the light just makes us feel like we are in the 21st century now.

If you’re looking to hire a general contractor. Bradburn was excellent at this project. They were attentive. They didn’t never treated us like we were a side job or something too small. They responded really well to any questions that I asked and efficiently. And they were respectful of our desires and our our intention for this room. And I would say Bradburn was an excellent choice for general contractor for us. t worked. They worked really well with us. hey had a very good network of trades and sub trades. They, they have a good opinion of, of these professionals and selected the best. And again, they have a great network of, of people that they work with.