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The space is now much brighter, slightly larger, and a pleasant environment...
We evaluated a couple of different contractors. Setting aside my previous experiences, the journey from buyer’s conception to project completion was significantly different from how it was initially planned.

Before the Bradburn Group undertook our interior renovation, the space had old ceiling tiles with noticeable holes. The main office area felt somewhat enclosed, demanding substantial improvements.

Following the renovation, the area has been opened up, boasting clear sightlines throughout the main office. The space is now much brighter, slightly larger, and a pleasant environment. We introduced new lighting, with LED fixtures replacing the old incandescent bulbs. It has become an enjoyable place for both staff and visitors.

Our awareness of the Bradburn Group stems from a prior residential project I had engaged with them. Impressed by the outcomes, we confidently put the project out for bidding. Given my past experiences, we felt most comfortable entrusting them with the project. The entire experience was fantastic.

Naturally, in a construction project, unforeseen challenges can arise. We faced a few issues during the project, but the Bradburn Group effectively addressed them. Their response was perfect, exceeding our expectations. Towards the end, they even surprised us with custom solutions, particularly the sliding doors for our closets. Now, anyone entering our office immediately encounters our branding.

While we didn’t explicitly request it, they went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Communication was positive throughout. Each night, we received updates through their industry-driven software. The tools they employed kept us, as project stakeholders, informed with photos and consistent communication. We also had frequent interactions with the owner, Jordan Bradburn, especially towards the project’s conclusion. This active involvement kept us informed.

Given our ongoing business commitments, we couldn’t dedicate our time to managing the project. The daily high-level updates allowed us to remain aware of the ongoing work, whether it involved electrical tasks or flooring. These nightly communications ensured we were kept in the loop, even when we weren’t physically present in the office every day.

I would advise anyone undertaking a commercial or residential construction project to exercise due diligence. Scrutinize the project portfolio, comprehend the buyer’s journey, and understand the support available along the way. Having a clear path from start to finish is essential. The Bradburn Group provided us with a well-defined conceptual path that we successfully followed.