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Everything that we always wanted for this house, and I’m very pleased…

Our house before the renovation, I guess, was starting to look a little bit old and tired. The house is about 50 years old, and many of the rooms were still in their original state from either the initial construction or the previous owner’s modifications. So it was indeed showing signs of wear. It was time for a renovation to bring it into the 21st century. In my opinion, the renovated space aligns with what we always envisioned for this house. As I mentioned, the house is 56 years old, and areas like the kitchen and the bathroom really needed an update to match the style of our home.

We are very content and pleased with the outcome. It’s exactly what we had in mind, especially in terms of aesthetics. The new design is sleek, modern, and open, with more natural light flowing in. We’re particularly fond of the colour scheme, and the cabinets are beautifully done. It’s generally best to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from people who have worked with a contractor before. That’s how we started with Bradburn, and we never regretted that decision, did we?

Our initial meeting with Jay was well-organized, and they truly listened to our preferences. He managed to address all our queries and put us at ease. Throughout the process, Zach provided constant support. In instances where issues arose (which can be expected in an older house), Zach’s reassuring explanations guided us through, and everything unfolded just as he described.

The online portal played a crucial role. Effective communication is paramount in any project, especially a renovation. The portal offered a visual progression with daily pictures showing the work completed. It featured a calendar outlining who would be working on specific days. This level of organization and reliability was a cornerstone. We always felt informed about the status of our kitchen and bathroom. Regular updates were the norm, and if any frustrations or uncertainties arose, the team at Bradburn promptly responded. We never had to wait more than a day for a response.

We’ve had experiences with renovations in the past, including a bathroom remodel about seven or eight years ago. While it improved things slightly, it never reached the level we desired. It remained a bathtub shower setup. I recall telling Sylvia that I feared I might accidentally crash through the shower door while stepping over the bathtub’s edge. This new bathroom, on the other hand, fulfills everything we envisioned for this house, especially for a master bathroom.

As for our favorite part of the renovation, mine is definitely the kitchen. The previous layout and organization were lacking. Darryl now jokes that I’ll have to start cooking more often. However, I won’t hold my breath for that to happen. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. Right from the beginning, it’s evident they have a capable team, including skilled project managers. While communication has been a strong point, the quality of their work is also commendable. All in all, they have met our expectations and more. So, we would readily recommend them to anyone. Having dealt with contractors before, we understand the significance of communication and delivering on promises. Bradburn excels in both aspects, and we’re truly satisfied with the outcome. Additionally, all the tradespeople they brought in were highly professional, consistently showed up, and their work quality was outstanding.

Renovation Case Study

Unveiling a Success Story: A Home Elevated With Bradburn Group of Companies’ Experienced Touch

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Experience renovations that redefine luxury, functionality, and elegance. A Journey From Vintage to Vogue!

Client Background

The Ridgeview Crt residence was a house with a rich history, having stood for over half a century. It bore the aesthetic and structural marks of the era it was built in, with many of its rooms retaining their original state from the time of its construction or subsequent alterations made by previous homeowners. Time had left its imprints, both in design and wear.


With the house beginning to show its age, particularly in key areas like the kitchen and bathroom, the homeowners felt a compelling need to rejuvenate their space, to not only address functional inadequacies but to also ensure that it reflected their contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. Additionally, a former bathroom renovation, although an improvement, posed potential safety concerns, like the apprehension of accidentally crashing through the shower door while navigating the bathtub’s edge.

Pain Points

  • Outdated design, particularly in crucial areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Previous renovation efforts, although made with good intent, hadn’t lived up to the homeowners’ expectations as they thought it fell short of delivering the desired comfort and functionality.
  • Safety concerns, especially in areas like the bathroom, which presented genuine hazards.

The Transformation! Solutions Provided by Bradburn Group of Companies!

Trust in Bradburn stemmed from word-of-mouth recommendations – an age-old testament to quality service. Upon their initial meeting with Jay, the homeowners were impressed by the company’s attentive listening, prompt addressing of concerns, and an organized approach. They decided to placed their trust in the Bradburn Group of Companies.

Modernized Kitchen Haven

Although the layout remained the same, the kitchen received a significant uplift. Fresh cabinets replaced old ones, black countertops transitioned to a pristine white, and elegant black hardware was introduced. An essential design move was widening the opening to the formal dining area, thereby infusing more light and openness into the kitchen space.

Ensuite Overhaul

The dated tub-shower combination was swapped out for a spacious shower area, complete with a modern rain shower head, a separate shower wand, and a convenience bench. To add a touch of luxury, high-end tiles were used extensively, covering both the shower and the bathroom walls. A separate, standalone tub was introduced, adorned with elegant black hardware.


Process & Implementation

Bradburn Group’s signature commitment to transparent communication shone through their user-friendly online portal. This portal, available to clients round-the-clock, provided visual updates, daily progress snapshots, a detailed work schedule, and served as a constant bridge for feedback, ensuring the homeowners felt integrated into every stage of the renovation. This organized approach reassured the homeowners at every step, making them feel a part of the renovation journey.

The level of attention, structure, and guidance throughout the process confirmed that their faith wasn’t misplaced. The whole team’s professionalism and constant guidance further cemented their confidence in Bradburn Group.


The home now proudly reflects a modern, sleek design, abundant with natural light and open spaces. The color scheme has been harmonized, and the renovated areas like the kitchen and ensuite resonate perfectly with what the homeowners had envisioned for their space. They’ve gone from a house that felt “old and tired” to one that perfectly aligns with their 21st-century sensibilities, transforming it into a place they’re proud to call home. “The new design is sleek, modern, and open, with more natural light flowing in,” echoed the homeowners, delightedly. Their particular fondness for the renovated kitchen’s layout and organization showcases the transformation’s success. A past memory of safety concerns in the bathroom has been replaced by a spacious, modern shower space, encapsulating everything they desired for their house.

The Ridgeview Crt project stands testament to Bradburn Group’s commitment to quality, effective communication, and a keen understanding of a homeowner’s needs. From word-of-mouth recommendation to a fully realized renovation dream, the journey of this project emphasizes Bradburn’s dedication to client satisfaction.

Inspired by the Ridgeview Crt transformation? If your home needs a touch of modern elegance combined with optimal functionality, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the Bradburn Group of Companies and let’s bring your vision to life.